Net-zero isn’t
just a dream,
it’s our objective.

Why it matters…

Scotch whisky is energy intensive with distilleries accounting for 86% of the industry’s total primary energy usage.*

The majority of that energy is used in the still house and the GreenStills system can recover 70% of this heat to be re-used in the process – to be clear some malt whisky distilleries are already recovering this heat using various techniques but GreenStills aims for full recovery and also it’s integration with renewable energy sources.

With legislation in place to achieve a net-zero carbon economy by 2045 all industries have challenges ahead.

Distillers naturally take a long-term view and have a vested interest in securing a sustainable future. That includes, of course, taking a greater responsibility to reduce our environmental impact.

The GreenStills system can assist distillers with their road map to net-zero by applying the best available technology to recycle much of the heat normally lost and integrating renewable energy into the distillation process.

Measures that, over time, can substantially reduce your energy usage, cut your operating costs and slash your carbon footprint… helping all distillers to comply with legislation and be more carbon resilient.

*Source – Scotch Whisky Association Environmental Strategy Report 2015

Still house heat recovery

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