Helping distillers achieve Net Zero

GreenStills is a “game changer” for distillers enabling the move away from steam and the integration of renewable energy to provide heat for distilling.


How can distillers achieve net-zero without a large increase in fuel costs?

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In distilleries 85% of energy is used to generate heat. GreenStills can reduce still house energy demand by up to 70%.

With obvious cost benefits for distillers and reduced environmental impact for everyone.

The GreenStills solution applies the best available technology to enable the integration of renewable energy into the distillation process.

How it works

upto 70 percent energy reduction
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They say two heads are better than one but we’ve got three… including a whole team of energy and process engineering experts which must be a good thing, right?

About us

GreenStills in action…

GreenStills is currently part of the UK Governments BEIS Green Distilleries Competition where it is being considered to be integrated to a distillery in Orkney.