We’re here to help distillers achieve net-zero without large increases to fuel costs.

Transforming an industry that’s traditionally had to use substantial amounts of energy into a net-zero operation is not a simple matter.

Distilleries need to generate significant amounts of heat to make their product and traditionally that has required equally significant amounts of energy.

Until recently natural gas was the low cost option with a relatively low carbon footprint compared with other fossil fuels available to the sector. However, natural gas is hardly a carbon-neutral alternative.

With countries committing to becoming net-zero, every industry needs to give serious thought to incorporating green energy solutions to its processes and this of course includes distilled spirits.

We have developed an innovative and industry leading approach that means we can deliver a ‘ReadyNow’ win-win for distillers, which will give them the benefits they are seeking in terms of reducing their carbon footprint, based on more efficient use of well-established utilities.

Given the complexity and sensitivity of the distilling process, installing heat recovery equipment in any spirits distillery requires considerable process expertise…thankfully we’ve put together a partnership that has that in abundance.

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net zero by 2045
Not only are we reducing overheads for distillers but we’re having a positive impact on the sector’s carbon footprint while we’re doing it…
It’s a win, win.

Tim Dumenil, GreenStills

The GreenStills Founders

GreenStills technology has been developed over the last few years by experts from the distilling and energy sectors, by bringing together a deep understanding of the sector’s heat use, a systems approach to energy and a long term engagement delivering net zero. The Founders have now partnered with Allen Associates and Star Renewable Energy to create a team able to understand your needs and deliver GreenStills projects.

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Star Renewable Energy

Star Renewable Energy are a division of Star Refrigeration Group the UK’s largest independent industrial refrigeration engineering company.

With a focus on the advantages of Heatpumps, Star are a total solutions provider, working in partnership with customers, from design through to commissioning and maintenance. Our innovative solutions enable end users to reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency and drive down lifecycle operating costs.


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Allen Associates

Distillery design engineers, Allen Associates, is the largest Scottish based chemical and process engineering design consultancy serving the Scotch whisky and related industries. Made up of a team of highly qualified chemical engineers with a broad range of expertise and experience, Allen Associates provides clients with a range of professional engineering solutions from simple advice to delivering turnkey projects.

With an intimate knowledge of the distilled spirit production process, Allen Associates’ team of experienced design engineers are helping distillers design and implement projects to meet their energy targets which ultimately assists with their pathway to net-zero.


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