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GreenStills is a “game changer” for global distillation offering an attractive return on investment and minimal production impact.

The GreenStills system allows for the integration of either renewable electricity or hydrogen combined heat and power (CHP) (or fuel cells) to allow malt distilleries to transition to net-zero. The operating costs for net-zero could be significant as new fuels will be more costly than fossil fuels, however GreenStills compensates for this as the technology can reduce overall still house heat demand by up to 70%.

GreenStills enables an alternative to steam and effective integration and storage of a range of renewable energy for heat thus creating a triple benefit of reduced energy usage, improved security of energy supply and significant carbon reduction.

reduction of heat demand by uptp 70% diagram

GreenStills optimises your available resources.

Latent heat from the distillate vapour is recovered via the GreenStills system and then resupplied back into the process heating system (e.g. steam) at the required operating conditions.

The system can be powered by renewable electricity or hydrogen CHP.

We work with you to meet your needs within the distillery by utilising the relevant elements of the GreenStills technology for your application.

No two applications are the same.

heat recovery diagram

GreenStills offers a viable alternative to steam from simple combustion through the effective integration and storage of a range of renewable energy sources for heat.

Matilde Garcia
Allen Associates

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